Knit4Charities Inc. is an Australian Internet basedassociation of dedicated knitters, crocheters, sewers and othercrafters, who give warm clothing and comforting items such asblankets and toys to needy people throughout our Country.

We give our items free of charge to any needy person (oranimal) with no discrimination.  If someone is in need and wecan help in any way, we do so.

In August, 2004, Pamela Tatt started a Yahoo Group to offer hercrafting skills to help others in Australia.

Since then she has been joined by many others and in December, 2009the group was granted Incorporation as an Association by theAustralian Government.

Membership of the Yahoo Group, which now constitutes our listof volunteers, has grown to in excess of 1000 like minded crafters,who all self fund their work and post the finished items to variouscentres around the Country as per our current Charity of the MonthCalendar.  

Volunteers also support charities privately, within their localcommunity.  Some of us go out with Food Vans and personallyhand out items to those in need, which is a very humbling andheartwarming experience.

Our Volunteers are the most wonderful, generous knitters,crocheters and sewers from across Australia and around theWorld.  Each and every one supplies their own materials andgives freely of their time to make the most beautiful items. Most of them are also more than willing to post items to ourCharity of the Month projects all at their own expense.

The aim of the Knit4Charities Inc. is to share ideas and patterns,give support and friendship to fellow volunteers, and togethersource needy charities around Australia. 

Many friendships have been formed both on and off theInternet.  Regular meetings, or Knit and Natters as we callthem, are starting up in various areas.  The list of charitieswe are supporting is continually growing!

There are many, many organisations who benefit from donations ofknitted, crocheted and sewn items - check the listof Charities we have helped

Charity donating can be done anywhere, at any time, and so ourprinciples can be applied to any country in the world.  Wewelcome interested people from all over the world to join ourgroup.  We are happy to share our ideas to get youstarted donating within your own community and to share stories,patterns etc. with you.  At present we have members in the UK,USA, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa -- all helpingto make a difference!

We now have 3 dedicated State Branches who support local charitiesand have a wonderful network of helpers.  I welcome everyoneto join Knit4Charities main group but if you live in SouthAustralia, Western Australia or Tasmania you may also like to jointhose groups.